Stroma Certification operates a secure website members’ area to support all accredited assessors.

Main features and benefits:

  • Facilitates upload of lodgements due to automatic submission to Landmark
  • Provides details of technical and software updates
  • Outlines legislative change and industry developments
  • Offers online file storage and management of lodgements

Latest News

Master Policy Update & Pricing Change - 21 December 2010

Please note the change in our Master Policy pricing, which will take effect from 1st January 2011. You can view the new document in the Documents area of the Members Website.


New release of iSBEM_v3.5.b - 06 December 2010

A new release of the calculation software SBEM, and its interface iSBEM, has been made available to produce Energy Performance Certificates and to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations, in England, Wales (2006), Scotland (2007), Northern Ireland (2006), and Republic of Ireland.

Version 3.5.b of the software can be downloaded from the member’s area using the following link :

iSBEM version 3.5.b office 2002/03 users only

iSBEM version 3.5.b office 2007 users only

Please ensure you download the version which is applicable to your Microsoft Office application.

Please note the following :

iSBEM v3.5.b produces XML files for the current Non-Domestic Register.

Starting Friday 17th December 2010, iSBEM v3.5.a will be superseded by iSBEM v3.5.b.

It will be no longer possible to generate XML files using any previous versions of iSBEM.

Any nct files already created using previous versions can be converted to v3.5.b using the conversion tool (nct_convert_v3.5.b.mdb) which is automatically downloaded with the new version. There are step by step instructions on the conversion process in the latest version of the iSBEM User Guide. Once the nct files are converted, they can be opened and edited using iSBEM v3.5.b. After ensuring the input parameters are refreshed, as per the instructions in the User Guide, you can run the calculation, and the EPC documents and XML file for lodgement can be generated.

EPC and Recommendation Report without watermarks (England & Wales and Northern Ireland)

Version 3.5.b produces always watermarked PDF documents in the assessor's computer. On successful lodgement, the assessor can obtain the unwatermarked PDF documents (EPC and Recommendation Report) from the Landmark registry through the standard report retrieval system.


New Welsh Guidelines - 20 November 2010

You can now read the latest Welsh Guidelines for CSH here.


New PDA Software Available - 17 November 2010

An updated version of the Stroma PDA software is now available for download. The file can be downloaded directly from the following link:


Version 2.4 fixes a number of issues:

  • Miscellaneous images are now working correctly. All image files now save under the relevant heading and can be uploaded and lodged without error. Previous issue of the latest image saving over any previous images that were taken has also been fixed.
  • Offline files are now opened with the reference number automatically generated by the software to eliminate issues when lodging a report online
  • Users can now log out and log into another account without the previous details being loaded
    • If you would like to be included in the PDA news mailing list, please forward your contact details to domestic@stroma.com. We will use this information to contact our members who use the PDA frequently. This will ensure that you are kept informed about any updates or news concerning the software


      New Code Invoicing Structure - 16 November 2010

      With effect from Wednesday 1st December 2010, Stroma Certification will be adapting the way in which invoices are issued for all CSH registrations and lodgements.

      The process of invoicing is defined as follows:

      • Site Registration – no invoice will be raised at this stage.
      • Report Lodgement – invoice to be raised 3 months from the lodged date.
      • Certified Report – invoice to be raised at the time the certificate is certified.
      • The invoice will be raised depending on which one of the respective options comes first, either 3 months since being lodged or certification being issued. On issuing the invoice, scheme members will have 30 days to settle the outstanding balance.


        New CSH Technical Guide - 12 November 2010

        Stroma Certification are pleased to confirm that Communities and Local Government (CLG) have today, 11th November 2010, confirmed the release of new Technical Guide for the Code for Sustainable Homes.

        This will affect all new CSH registrations being assessed under the revised Technical Guide. You can download a copy of the Guide here. It will be possible to register projects against the October 2010 scheme version from the date of publication, however a transition period of one month (11/11/2010 to 09/12/2010) is available to register sites against the May 2009 scheme version should your client prefer this option. After this date, all new registrations will be against the October 2010.

        It is possible to re-register current projects against the October 2010 edition of the Code on its release, please contact us in the event you wish to do so. Scheme versions on the registration must be amended to be valid.


        Scottish EPC Register down this weekend (14th-15th) - 10 November 2010

        The EPC Register will be unavailable for use from 9am on Sunday 14th November to 5pm on Sunday 14th November. Members will not be able to lodge reports for Scottish dwellings, or carry out address searches.


        OR Toolkit re-approved for use - 07 November 2010

        An updated release of the SystemsLink OR Toolkit software is now available for download. This version includes the new 3.5.1 release of the Government ORGen module. The update can be downloaded from the following address: http://www.systems-link.com/datafiles/StromaInstaller.msi

        If you wish to continue generating certificates, please update to this new release as soon as possible.

        New features include:

        • The CIP file provided by the Accreditation Schemes is now an XML file. OR Toolkit supports the XML file format and no longer supports the MDB format CIP file. Assessors need to ensure they have obtained the latest CIP file before working on certificates
        • The way the “Previous Certificates” screen works has changed. Assessors are no longer able to manually enter ratings and carbon figures, but must import historic certificates into OR Toolkit and then select them as previous certificates. OR Toolkit will automatically select the two most recent certificates when a new certificate is started.
        • Some benchmarks have changed in the CIP File. The package will still allow historic certificates to be viewed with the old benchmark listed. When a new certificate is created (and the old details are carried forward), the package will warn that some of the benchmarks no longer exist and will be removed. The assessor will need to ensure that the benchmarks selected accurately represent the make-up of the building in question before generating the final certificate.


        Free CPD Video - 03 November 2010

        Stroma have released a free CPD video covering the CLG guideline changes in Part L. You can view the video here.


        New Insurance Policy - 01 November 2010

        The Stroma Master Insurance Policy has been updated, please visit the documents section to download the new version.